Individual Giving

Individual Giving

Big Brothers Big Sisters needs YOU!
Support from individuals like you is essential to providing mentors for children in Butler County. As children grow from childhood through their teen years and into young adulthood, they need a caring adult to be a mentor and friend. Through their mentors, children youth are exposed to a world that is often very different from what surrounds them on a daily basis. Their role model and friend guides them, supports them, and cares about the choices they make. All children should have a caring friend whom they can talk to, have fun with, hang out with and learn from.

Research shows that our mentoring works
Kids with a Big Brother or Big Sister show real differences in their personal and academic lives. In a 1995 study conducted by Public/Private Ventures showed that a Big Brothers Big Sisters one-to-one mentoring relationship is a highly effective strategy for supporting children at risk. When compared to a control group of their peers who were not involved in mentoring relationships, youth that were mentored were

    *46% less likely to use drugs
    *52% less likely to skip school
    *33% less likely to engage in violent behavior
    *More confident in their schoolwork performance
    *Able to get along better with their families

Your gift to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Butler County will help us to:

    *Serve nearly 700 children in Butler County by providing each one of them with a caring adult mentor of their own.
    *Recruit mentors for children on our waiting list.
    *Cover the costs of background checks and insurance, while ensuring that trained professionals match children with caring and responsible Big Brothers and Sisters.
    *Provide instructors and instructional materials during our professional training sessions for staff, mentors and families.
    *Find, interview, screen, train, match and supervise children with mentors so that we can ensure that true friendships are developing between mentors and youth.