Monthly Impact Club

Why join the Monthly Impact Club?

Lee and Mickeal are just two reasons to join!



Antwan (Lee) Zink                                        Mickeal Mingo

Joining the Monthly Impact Club means you make a donation each month using either your PayPal account (click the “donate” button below) or by providing BBBS with your credit card information and we will charge your donation to your card each month.  It’s easy and safe to make a monthly donation either way!

In Butler County, there are 194 children waiting to be matched with an adult mentor. It costs $1,000 to find, screen, train, match and supervise a new volunteer mentor with a child for a year.  Your donation will help share the positive impact of mentoring with some of these children who are waiting.

Thank you to our current Monthly Impact Club members!

Sherri Davis
Bill and Julie Dichtl
Brigitte and Jason Gray
Gary and Vickie Hufstetler
Charles Ganelin and Patricia Klingenberg
Brooke Spangler
Kim Thompson
Lisa Vannoy
Jeff and Carolyn Winslow