Robby and Jim

Eight years ago an article was published in the Journal-News about Big Brother Jim and Little Brother Robby. They had been matched for 3 years, since Robby was 9,and had done lots of fun things together–Xavier and UC basketball games, Dave & Busters, skating, movies, Kings Island. Jim had watched Robby play football for his middle school team and Robby had watched Jim play in a men’s soccer league.
At the time, Robby was quoted as saying “I was basically at my grandma’s house with nothing to do [while my mom was at work].” But since he had been matched with his Big Brother, “I think it’s changed my life forever,” Robby said.

I asked Robert to express how having a Big Brother has impacted his life. Here’s what he had to say:
I would first off say if it wasn’t for the Big Brothers and Big Sisters family itself, I wouldn’t have been paired with Jim and been able to spend those several years under his wing. Jim has taught me so much over the past years. He has kind of filled that fatherly figure spot in my life while giving me guidance through the ups and downs of life itself. He has also taught me how to be successful in life, not just by the way he carries himself, but by the way he loves his family. Now that I’m off in college and he has had the chance to start a beautiful family, we try to keep in touch as much as possible. At the end of the day I know I will always have a Big Brother that I can pick up the phone and call no matter the situation whether it’s just to talk sports or if it is something important.

Robert is now a sophomore at Middle Tennessee State University and plays left tackle for the University’s football team. He will be traveling with the team to Hawaii during Christmas break to play in the Hawaii Bowl. Tune in to ESPN at 8pm on December 24 and cheer on Robert (#74) and his team as they take on the University of Hawaii!