Site Based

Our Site Based Program

The Site Based program is a mentoring program where students from local elementary schools meet with individual mentors once a week. We see tremendous results from the friendships that are built. The children’s academic performance increases, their level of self-confidence improves and they are less disruptive!

What do you do?
We will start with a snack/lunch and socializing. After everyone arrives we will have homework help and tutoring session. The rest of the time will be organized fun activities that will focus on one to one interaction between the mentor and child.

Who are the kids?
Students who have been identified by a teacher, a social worker or by their parent as a child who would benefit from the one on one attention of a mentor.

Who are the Volunteers?
Volunteers may be as young as sophomores in High School and may also be adult community members. The volunteers are individuals who are donating their time to spend with a child who may need a special friend in their life. They will be paired with the same child each week to help establish a closer relationship with the child.

Where do we have programs?
2017-2018 Site Based Locations and times